For 17 years Adam has been illustrating, designing, and art directing interactive media for the museum and educational interactive industry. From scientific concepts to animated cartoons for younger audiences, he has had the privilege of creating fun and entertaining interactives that combine his passions: science, art, and education.
“Aside from being a brilliant designer, Adam has an amazing ability to conceptualize his designs from the standpoint of a programmer. We worked together on a complicated project for the Smithsonian, and it was Adam who figured out how the interactive could be architected, and set up the graphics and animations accordingly. The project would never have been so successful without a designer who could actually envision how the programming could work.”
Jamie Ciocco
“Adam is a talented illustrator and animator capable of working in a wide range of styles, be it playful or sophisticated, stylish or technical, humorous or serious. He loves what he does and it shows. His animation for an original They Might Be Giants composition many years ago continues to be a favorite among staff and clients to this day. He works quickly and with a collaborative attitude that will help your project become a success.”
Mark Ostrander
Director of Design at Richard Lewis Media Group
“Adam is easily one of the most talented illustrators, designers and animators that I've worked with. He excels in each discipline and his passion and enthusiasm is always present in the work. His creative range is unique and remarkable - making him suitable for any project. I’ve engaged Adam’s services many times over the years and have recommended him to others. He is professional, dependable and definitely one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.”
Tom Miglionico
Principal, Miglionico Design and Design Specialist